Frequently Asked Questions

Please remind everyone in the wedding that their tuxedos should be at their door no later than the Tuesday the week of the wedding or sooner. If they do not see them by Tuesday night to call us first thing on Wednesday morning to let us know they have not received them so we can do a follow up and make sure it was delivered and possibly not to the neighbor’s house. Also remind everyone to try on their tuxedos right away and make sure they take them out of the boxes and hang them up. If they are a little wrinkled we would be more than happy to press them back out for your guests. Also, have them call us if they have any issues so we have plenty of time to address them. Remember any replacements come here to the shop by Thursday the week of the wedding so you will need to designate someone to pick up the replacements. Usually, there are always one or two people that might need something small like a bigger pair of shoes or a smaller shirt, etc. Tuxedos must be returned no later than Monday night after the wedding. We close by 7 pm.

The damage waiver is not insurance but gives the renter the ability to rent the item without the worry of any stranger general rental damage that may occur during normal use. Almost all tuxedo shops around the country charge anywhere from seven dollars to $10 for this feature. We do not. Since so few rentals actually come back damaged we don’t bother charging you annexed her fee for something that you will actually never use. We don’t have hidden fees or charges for things that you don’t need, don’t want, or don’t use.
He will be billed $40 per day for every day his rental is late from his scheduled return. Just be sure to make arrangements with him before he goes to the prom to leave the tuxedo at home or with someone to return it for him after the prom.
If an item is lost then you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the item. This is a rare instance. However please note that we would much rather you return everything else then return what you have late and incur late rental charges. However please know that if you lose a stud or a cufflink we will not charge you for these items unless they are all missing. We understand that they are small and sometimes fall out and get lost. Lost or missing items will be billed upon receipt of the rental return for the replacement cost of the items you are returning. If the item is found you have 30 day to return the item for a full refund. Item replacement costs can be provided upon request. There is a posting of replacement items in our showroom.
No. We only require a $40 down payment on the tuxedo rental at the time of booking. We will accept the balance of payment at the time you pick it up. We also require a Credit card on file for the tuxedo rental in case you incur any late fees or lose any items.

If you have two proms you have two choices. If your prom is back-to-back weekends then then we suggest our tuxedo purchase. If you do rent for both weekends you will need to return your rental and pick up a fresh one for the following weekend. There is no discount for an additional weekends rental.

We require a credit card to be on file with all tuxedo rentals to ensure that any additional fees, if any, are charged accordingly. i.e. Late returns, lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear.The credit card does not have to be used for payment of the rental. Tuxedo rentals will not be issued without a credit card being on file.
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Debt and cash only. We do not accept American Express or Checks.

You have up to 14 days prior to cancel a tuxedo rental and there will be a $40 cancellation fee. There are no refunds within 7 days of the event or if garment has already shipped. Once the garments have shipped there are no refunds. 

Orders can be changed with no additional charge for a one time courtesy as long as the rental has shipped. If the order has already shipped a change on the order can be done for $10 for items such as Shoes vest and bow tie or shirt. You can do this with up to two items including bowtie and hankie, Vest or Shoes,    Jackets and pants are not exchangeable for another item color or style.

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