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In Home delivery included with every rental.

Once you have booked your tuxedos. The industry practice is to have your groomsman each come in to do and initial measurement for the tuxedos. Then they come back the week of the wedding to try them on and pick them up. Here at tuxedo den we do the try on and fitting portion on the first appointment. Each person tries on a complete tuxedo in the style your chose for your wedding the first time. This way we ship a completed tuxedo rental that we know fits first time. It saves them the time and trouble of having to come in unless something is wrong. One and done!

​Tuxedo den offers a complete in-store try-on service for your groom. This way your fiance can try on all of the tuxedo styles in advance and mix-and-match for both himself as the groom and the groomsmen to assure you have the right styles and colors for your upcoming wedding.

​The program works by simply setting up an appointment to have us get samples to let your groom to be try on different tuxedo styles and colors. Have all of your groomsmen waiting in the wings once you finalized all of your tuxedo styles and colors we will measure all of your groomsmen by pre-fitting them in everything all at once. All of the tuxedos will be delivered to their home directly the week of the wedding.

Please note that there are some holiday weeks that this service is not available due to time constraints. Also sorry guys prom tuxedos are excluded from the in home delivery service.

Customer Satisfaction

Tuxedo Den has been selected nine years in a row for the 2017 Best of Wall Township Awards for Tuxedo Rentals and now qualifies for the Wall Township Business Hall of Fame.

​Our staff will work hard to help you achieve your desired look; walking you through the basics of tuxedo styles to helping you choose colors for vests and ties.

​No worries about the perfect match.

We have just about every color and shade to match any dress color you bring in. We pride ourselves on a vast selection of colors and styles to choose from. Why coordinate when we can achieve the perfect match?

​Our inventory is vast! Check out our e-catalog for endless possibilities.

How it works

Upon rental, credit card will be required with a $40 down payment. Rental balances will be charged out three weeks prior to the prom date. If for some reason the charge does not go through, the tuxedo rental will be diverted back to the store itself. Where the client will have to pick it up in the store. If the prom is already within three weeks of the event full payment will be taken up front.

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